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Elevate & Evaluate

What teachers need to teach and what students need to learn about written English for Years 1–4/Grades K–3 and for older students with gaps in learning

Elevate & Evaluate is packed with professional development materials for growing teacher knowledge, a full suite of easy-to-use instruments for assessing student knowledge, and clear evidence of efficacy for Joy Allcock’s speech-to-sounds-to-print approach for teaching the code and structure of written English.

Sections include:

  • Growing teacher knowledge
    Helpful background information and concrete support for teaching the code and structure of written English

  • Assessing student knowledge
    Assessment essentials and timelines, yearly achievement expectations, and a full suite of assessment instruments for the first four years of school

  • Evaluating evidence
    The research foundations behind the speech-to-sounds-to-print approach, including a summary of the Shine Literacy Project, which validated the efficacy of the approach, and evidence of the reliability and validity of the Code-Ed assessments

Elevate teacher knowledge, evaluate student understanding, and watch literacy achievement soar.

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Elevate & Evaluate (physical book)

200 pages, A4, soft cover, perfect bound

Elevate & Evaluate (VitalSource ebook)

200 pages, accessible via web browser or the Bookshelf app

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