Fun Foundations is the launching pad for literacy. It is designed to absorb and engage students, using cooperative games to promote discovery and exploration of foundational English language and literacy skills. In a primary setting, Fun Foundations can help students fill gaps in early literacy knowledge and quickly catch up with their peers. Fun Foundations is also appropriate for early childhood settings to help prepare children for formal literacy learning.

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Fun Foundations Lesson Book

The 114 lessons in Fun Foundations take only 10 minutes per day to teach. They build the foundational skills that are critical for literacy success:

  • Oral language skills, vocabulary, and background knowledge
  • Thinking skills
  • Letter knowledge and letter-sound relationships
  • Phonological and early phonemic awareness skills
  • Social and cooperative skills

New knowledge is taught using a discovery model, which stimulates children’s curiosity and sense of achievement.

Lessons are engaging and fun.

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Alphabet Bops 1 and 2

The Alphabet Bop books use rhythm and rhyme to teach letter names and sounds. The rhythmical, rhyming text engages children and captures their interest and sense of fun.

These books teach children to:

  • Recognise and name all letters of the alphabet
  • Associate a sound or sounds with each letter, including hard and soft c and g and short and long vowel sounds
  • Pronounce a sound for letters at the start of a word

Book 1 includes hard c and g and short vowel sounds.

Book 2 includes soft c and g and long vowel sounds.

This knowledge is essential as a foundation for learning how the alphabetic code of English works.

Word and Sound Games

These 172 cards and the supporting Foundational Skills Development Guide provide everything you need to support oral language development and phonological awareness skills through developmentally appropriate, child-centered games.

156 Picture Cards are used in a variety of games to:

  • Build vocabulary and background knowledge
  • Develop skills for description, comparison, and categorisation
  • Build phonological and phonemic awareness skills:
    • Recognising and producing rhymes
    • Segmenting syllables
    • Isolating initial and final sounds
    • Hearing the same sound in different words and in different positions
    • Blending and segmenting the sounds they hear in words
  • Assess phonological and phonemic awareness knowledge
  • Make sound-letter connections
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16 Cue Cards are used with the Picture Cards to help children:

  • Develop essential oral vocabulary and language skills
  • Make connections between words and concepts
  • Ask and answer questions such as:
    • What size is it?
    • What shape is it?
    • What colour is it?
    • How do we use it?
    • Where does it live?
  • Build knowledge of shapes, colours, and living and non-living things
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The Fun Foundations Game Book contains a variety of easy and engaging games and activities that use the Picture and Cue Cards to build oral language, phonological and phonemic awareness, and sound-letter knowledge.

The games can be used in conjunction with the Fun Foundations lessons or on their own as a way to bolster foundational skills in a whole-class or intervention setting.

Find out how Fun Foundations can help you build the foundational skills all students need to begin their literacy journey.